Friday, February 22, 2013

Yoona SNSD Has a Twin in Malaysia


     SNSD Yoona is currently a hot debate among netizens. Not about the pretty picture on the internet or about a musical career because it was common, but because recently emerged that there was a twin Yoona in Malaysia.

     Don't surprised first, because it's not Yoona twin siblings. Recently known Malaysian girl named Rabiatul Afifah is upload a picture on twitter. The netizens who saw the photo immediately shocked, because a lot of similarities between Rabiatul Afifah with Yoona SNSD.

     Rabiatul Afifah, sweet girl with veiled who later dubbed Malaysian Yoona is indeed a glance looks like SNSD members. Altough her eyebrows appear thicker, facial lines and her smile almost no difference with Yoona.

     Initially many netizens who doubts this resemblance and assume the photo was modified subterfuge Photoshop or make-up application. But, the emergence of the photographs Rabaitul Afifah else so make sure that the Malaysian girl has a beauty that was almost the same as Yoona.

     Reportedly, Rabiatul Afifah is a Sone (SNSD fans). Yoona twin emergence is certainly provoke many netizens are tough. But, most agree that the Malaysian girl, Rabiatul Afifah is quite similar to Yoona.

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